January 5, 2007

Simple life with primitive blue

Flew from NRT to Manila, stayed one night, took another flight to Palawan island, got on metal fleet bus, and transferred to banker boat and finally landed to the Club Noah resoart island. It took one and a half day to get to the place for new year holiday. All the blue surroundings made me feel I may be able to reach the sky as easy as I can touch pure blue water just in front of me. The resort owns the whole island. Total 50 cottages all face to the emerald ocean. Not only the beauty of the nature but the hospitality of the people in the resort was something that I have never experienced before and really touched me! Free beer dance party at New year’s eve, private family picnic dinner, and short excursion to small town. Friendly stuffs served us inclusive activities with warm heart. Contrary to Japanese voluntary or American assertive service, Philipine’s hospitality was more devoting and unaffected maybe because of their nature-rich environment and simplicity of their life.


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