January 9, 2008

Health-Conscious daily diet

Today, interesting research result about secrets of long-life was published by a Cambridge research team. Those who do; no smoking, adequate amount of drink, enough vegetables and fruits, and proper exercise tend to live 14 years longer than those who do not have these habits. Detailed criteria for good habits are:
1. No smoke
2. Drink only up to 14 glasses of wine a week
3. Eat vegetables and fruits in amount of at least 5 fists a day.
4. Do light exercise at least 30 min a day.
If you are all qualified these criteria, statistically you can live 14yrs longer than the people do not meet none of the points.

hum,, let me see myself.
I do not smoke.
Since I came to Singapore, I am not drinking so much..
I do a little exercise to walk to school carrying with my heavy laptop...

So, only thing which I sometimes lack is eating enough veggies!
now I am not facing the immediate necessity to live longer,,
but at least , i am hoping, good eating habit rejuvenates my life here!!

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