March 11, 2005

SF Movie Report 4: The Sea Inside

Director: Alejandro Amenabar
Casts: Javier Bardem, Belen Rueda, Lola Duenas
Release Date in Japan: April 16, 2005

Story: "The Sea Inside" is the real life story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro (played by Bardem), who fought a 30-year campaign in favor of his right to die with dignity. Two women try to change his life - Julia (Belen Rueda) is a lawyer who supports his cause, and Rosa (Lola Duenas) is a neighbor who wants to convince him that life is worth living. The two women's encounters with the charismatic Ramon lead to change in their own lives.

It made me think about death with dignity.

When I was watching this movie, especially near the last scene, I had a little wired feeling to myself. The scene was about Ramon’s final decision of his life, and I thought I deeply concentrate on the story and should be touched the last scene. But actually what I was attracted to at that time was the other audiences’ noises… some people sounds like, they are sobbing, and the others are blowing their nose with their handkerchief… Then, I just realized why my feeling at this moment was different from those people’s… I couldn’t cry for the decision Ramon finally made. I don’t want to bring the whole story here, so I cannot say it in detail, but this fact let me know that at least I am not against the idea of death with dignity.

The main character in this movie, Ramon(Javier Bardem), was always lying down on a bed, and couldn’t do anything except writing a poem because of his past accident. However, he had one freedom that he can travel anywhere he wants to go in his mind. His imagination let him fly away from the window next to his bed.

For me, even he lost his physical freedom, but he still had mental freedom. This is important; this fact does not change no matter whether he is alive or dead. This movie taught me that death might take away physical freedom from us, but it cannot take away mental freedom together. Even after we die, our mind is still alive somewhere, especially in people’s mind.

There are many people in this world who are obliged to be alive on a bed and are willing to die. This movie gave me some idea about how those people thinks. They may feel isolated or lonely just because they are different from the other people in terms of their physical condition. So, they hope to free themselves from the physical restriction in order to pursue entire freedom and be fair with other people.

In the movie, he sometimes repeated, “life is a right, not a obligation.” This means he wanted to have the same right as the other people to achieve a life with real freedom. Dignity in the idea of death with dignity indicates not only dignity for the will of those who wants to die, but also for the right that everybody is in fair to freedom. It is difficult to judge how much peoples’ freedom is respected and restricted, but as long as the freedom hurts nobody, I think the freedom has to be given to anybody as much as possible.

In end of this movie, Ramon was given the freedom that he has been pursuing for 26 years. Finally he was dignified with real freedom. In this sense, I understand why I couldn’t cry for the ending because he could be happy at the last moment of his life.

ストーリー:この「海を飛ぶ夢(原題:The Sea Inside)」は、30年間あまり尊厳死について闘いぬいたラモン・サンペドロ(ハビエル・バルデム)という実在した一人の男の物語である。彼の事例を扱う弁護士のフリア(ベレン・ルエダ)と彼に活きる意味を訴えかけるローザ(ローラ・ドゥエニャス)という二人の女性は彼の人生を変えようと必死だった。ラモンは彼女たちとの出会い、彼女たちもラモンに出会うことで、彼ら三人の人生は大きく変化を遂げるのであった。









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