April 9, 2006

Fabulous Sushi Party with Live Music

We had no idea that Tsukiji Fish Market is off on Sunday!! Normally on weekdays, those narrow alleys are packed with people seeking fresh sea ingredients, however as you can see the picture not at all for this Sunday. But fortunately only one fish store was opened and it offered what we wanted to hold a Sushi party. Tuna, salmon roe, sardine, firefly squid, clam and more and more. And the outcome of those great ingredients is shown below. Actually, what made the Sushi tastier than last time was rice. This time we used different type of rice grain, Sasanisiki, which is not so sticky compared with Koshihikari, this image cannot explain though… With the successful delicious Sushi,
Another friend played the fabulous guitar with harmonica. Suddenly he changed the dining space to Karaoke room. I want thank for a talent of my friends, as Sushi chef and guitar solo musician.



  1. 僕もこの前、築地にまで寿司を食べに行きましたよ。築地は午前中に行かないと、何か市場の中の寿司屋はしまってるみたいです。


  2. ↑ 「こぺる」でした。

  3. っつーか、気合入れて築地市場内で発泡スチロール箱担いで仕入れしようと思ったら、勢いあまって勇み足って感じだったな。毎週日曜と月に2度の水曜は休みみたい。ひとつ勉強になりました。。