April 22, 2006

Premium beer at quiet cafe

Today, suddenly I got a time to kill while I was hanging around Shibuya. And the boring situation reminded me one café close to an apartment where I used to live. Café Inko is owned by design farm located in the same building. Probably this is why even the café is not so remarkable but the interior is designed by internationally well known architect Jun Aoki. The minimally decorated interior expresses this store’s concept, “Do nothing. Let customers be.” But on the other hand, their menu is carefully selected. Here I ordered premium draft beer called Gargery, only distributed through limited bar and restaurant in Tokyo. If this quiet café were opened when I was a student, I believe, this place helped me to study more. The above picture shows a big event I just passed by Yoyogi park on the way to the café. Lots of craft stores or markets gathered lots of people.

Cafe Inko
1min. walking from Yoyogi-koen/Yoyogi-hachiman St.


Cafe インコ

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