March 27, 2006

Sakura Ramen

The sunny and warm whether in this weekend made Tokyo’s cherry blossoms full in bloom. And accidentally I just found the one Ramen, Spring lover must check out. It simply called Sakura Ramen, although the technique and taste are not just simple but filled with a sense of grace to appreciate this wonderfully pinkish season. Soup is based on seaweed, small dried fish, and bonito, Salt flavor. Interestingly two large grounded chicken balls with taro potato are floating in the soup with Japanese herb. From this picture, you may guess the Ramen like Japanese wheat noodle, Udon, rather than typical Ramen. Lastly the real pink pickled Cherry Blossom, Sakura, flower is added to complete a taste of spring. If I can say only one comment for this noodle, the thickness of the noodle can be thinner than what it is. Anyway, this Ramen made me happy not only with the taste but also with the seasonal color.
3 min. walking from Ebisu St.