May 7, 2006

American-style "chic" movie

Director: George Clooney
Cast: David Strathairn, George Clooney

Last November my movie-friend, currently studying cinematography in NYC, told me, “You are right! George made it, he showed a remarkable talent in his recent work neither as an actor nor as a producer, but as a film director.” Since then, I was longing to watch the movie “Good Night and Good Luck.”
All the scenes were shot in the same TV studio set, and interestingly every shot is covered by dim gray smoke of cigarette. And basically no BGM, just sometimes songs of Jazz singer, Dianne Reeves, were inserted between the scenes. It made the screen real heavy and dark, reflecting the atmosphere of 1950’s communism-persecution-era. Message in this movie is straight forward, but it obviously does not appeal to whole variety of audiences, in other words, it cannot make money. So what motivated George Clooney to create this movie is not just for making a tribute to his father, who used to be a news reporter, but also for purely pursuing what is cool by showing a justice of journalism through cool cinematographic techniques. This movie definitely realized me that to be cool is really cool!!


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