May 17, 2006

Building Breakthrough Ideas

I got a great opportunity of two days training at work. “Building Breakthrough Ideas;” it sounds like the seminar talks about something fancy and imaginary, but actually it was very practical and valuable to learn. After several days passed from the lecture, I still remind an important keyword, “Make it concrete.”

For example, Toyota Motor Corp. declares seven principles on their website. “Pursue growth in harmony with the global community through innovative management” is one of them. For me, it is too ambiguous to imagine the meaning. On the other hand, Google Inc.’s principle is presented as ten findings which is concrete enough for everybody to understand their policy as easy as possible. One of their finding states “You can be serious without a suit.” They seriously call it out as one of ten corporate policies. If you were an employee of those companies, which principle can you imagine the idea more concretely and feel more motivated to devote yourself to the company? The answer is obvious. The more concrete the description of idea is, the more it has a power to inspire people. And more interestingly, the level of concreteness varies each person. That’s why communication with proper concreteness evokes people’s inspiration in their conversation. Concreteness is definitely one of important keys to inspire our creativity and produce good idea.



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