February 3, 2005

Check your Design sense!

[Can you become a designer toward the future trend or behind the current trend?]


Test: This image shows six different categories of design. In each category, I chose two designs, which have extremely opposite perspective about design with each other. Now, you can choose either one design, A or B, which you like better in terms of the design from each category.


If you chose:
all A, you are the person who can be a leader of future design!!!
five A, why don’t you team up with me!! Let’s change the world!!
four A, you grasp a sense of real meaning about design!
three A, you are the average consumer of everyday design.
two A, broaden your viewpoint, and you’ll see the design more!
one A, don’t be a good target by cheesy commercialism!!
no A, no way! Can you really pay $200 for the strange shape of fruit!!!


This test was created based on the survey conducted by Axis vol.112, Japanese design magazine. It is trying to reveal peoples’ image about design. These six categories represent six different perspective of design such as meaning, example, expression, purpose, value, and act. Each category has two choices which are totally opposite concept with each other. For example, in meaning category, there are two choices with opposite concept, “Something close to essence or concept” and “Something with external form and outlook.” Following table shows six categories with each description of two sides.

このテストは、日本のデザイン雑誌「AXIS vol.112」によるアンケート調査に基づいています。その目的は人がデザインについて抱くイメージに関するための調査です。これら6つのカテゴリーはそれぞれ異なるデザインのイメージ(意味、具体例、表現、目的、価値、行動)と対応しています。各々のカテゴリーには2つの両極端な選択肢が用意されています。例えば、「意味」のカテゴリーでは、「本質や構想に近いもの」と「外面的な形、外観に近いもの」の相異なる概念が用意されています。以下の表は6つのそれぞれのカテゴリーとそれに属する両極の概念を説明したものです。

The 12 different design samples in the test are corresponds to each description of these 12 groups. Examples of Group A have perspective to interpret the word, “Design”, as “Idea.” On the other hand, examples of group B have perspective as “Appearance.” This survey was conducted among the reader of this magazine, that means it targeted a group of design related people, and the result actually indicates that the average of answer for each question mostly supported group A. This means that people currently consider “Design” as an idea instead of something about appearance. This attitude clearly shows the concept or interpretation of “Design” is not only within the world of shape and form but also about something further than that. This result really fascinates me, Wow,!!! making me feel “I jumped into somewhere like universe, not just a pool…” I wanna try to swim in this mysterious world until I find a clue to the meaning of Design. Do you wanna join me!?!?


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