February 22, 2005

77th Academy Predictions

February 27 5pm (Pacific Time) is just around the corner. Are you ready to stare at TV and to hear, “Oscar goes to…,” Every year this season reminds me one memory… Just a few days later I arrived at dormitory in Ohio, I was watching 2002 Academy Awards on TV with my roommate. We got so excited about the moment, Denzel Washington got the first Oscar as an African American in the history of Academy… I just cannot wait the exciting moment for this year, so a little too early, but following lists are my guess and expectation for 2005 Oscars.



  1. What' up! I saw some Academy Nomineed moveies. One is "Million Dollors Bayb", the other is "Aviator." I fell asleep when I was watching Aviator. I guess it was kind of boring. I liked Million Dollor Baby a lot. As you said, Eastwood got aged. Hope, he can get something tonight.

  2. hi hi:

    i was watching Academy just before. i didn't expect Million Dollar Baby would do such a great achievement this year! This result proved the scale of a movie doesn't really matter, important thing is wheather the movie is good or bad, that's all! i hope also this year i can meet as many great movies as possible.